Getting Started in B & W

Converting to B & W using software

For a  basic, text based introduction – click here

For a more in-depth article, – click here


Printing B&W From Lightroom (video)  – click here

How to Print B&W with Epson Windows Driver – click here

How to Print B&W with the Epson Mac Driver – click here

No Printer?

You can get excellent prints made at a sensible price using a company called ProAm. To find out more, download our detailed guide – click here

Using Lightroom – click here

A Brief Guide to Silver Efex – click here

A more detailed look at Silver Efex – click here

Using the Zone System in Silver Efex – click here

Video guide to the two most powerful sliders in Silver Efex  – click here

An in-depth video guide to using Silver Efex – click here

Simulated IR using Nik Filters – click here

Preparing Photos for MIG

If you use Lightroom to manage your photos, define some presets to make your life easier. To find out how, click here

If you use Bridge, click here

Want to make your own book or pdf publication?

For “value for money” and ease of use you can’t beat Serif’s “Affinity Publisher” to help you layout text and images.
There a good review here.

If you prefer not to spend a penny then Scribus (for Mac or PC) works just fine.

The paper I used to print my “Winter Trees” book is Spectrajet Office Duo Print 176 – available from Tetenal.

Other bookbinding materials can be found on-line. I use Ratchford Limited.

You can get an excellent step-by-step pdf bookbinding tutorial here.