09-10/19 Gallery added for the latest topic. Information on using the Zone System in Silver Efex added to the Resources Page.

01/09/19 I’ve added two image galleries: one for the latest meeting and one for the previous meeting. Having all the image galleries available as before is a step too far and I’ll not be doing that.
Everything now looks OK and seems to work fine so I hope “Go Daddy” don’t find anything amiss and mess the site up again!

31/08/19 The original Galleries have been removed as “Go Daddy” (who host our site) will not allow us to use the plug-in! New Galleries will be added when I come up with an alternative!

4/07/19 Added links to useful resources. Contact page now working OK. 

3/07/19 Galleries are now completely up-to-date. The problem with mobile devices showing page details behind the header should now be fixed. Still not sure whether the Contact Us page is working correctly.

1/07/19 More galleries added. There are small problems viewing on phones and tablets, horizontal views work better on mobile devices.

29/06/19 Basic set-up complete. All areas of the site should now be working properly.